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A Talk by the Head of the SDAT Research Department at The 17th Applied Stochastic Process Workshop

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The 17th Applied Stochastic Process workshop was held at the Esfahan University of Technology on 1-3 Nov 2016. Dr. Farzaneh Safavimanesh, the head of the SDAT Research Department, gave a talk at the seminar. Invited lecturers of this workshop were as follows.

  • Professor John Nolan- American University
  • Professor Rahoul ROy- Indian Statististical Institute 
  • Professor Bizhan Zohori Zangene- Sharif University of Technology
  • Professor Ahmad Reza Soltani- Shiraz University
  • Dr. Miromid Haji Mirsadeghi -  Sharif University of Technology
  • Dr. Kasra Alishahi- Sharif University of Technology
  • Dr. Farzaneh Safavimanesh- Shahid Beheshti University  (SDAT memeber)

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