SDAT Chart

SDAT Organization Chart

To achieve our vision, we organize as Research, Education and Platform (REP) departments and leverage our data science expertise by using the following strategies:

  • To stay abreast of state of the art development by contributing to the advancement of science and technology through interdisciplinary research, jointly with scientists at universities and other research institutions or industries.
  • To train persons who are interested in various areas of data sciences by providing them with advanced education in theory and methodology.
  • To use appropriate governance, process improvement techniques, and enable platform technology along with professional people in order to increase organizational capability to apply data science solutions into their problems.

The department chairs of SDAT are elected every two years based on some rules and criteria mentioned in SDAT charter. ُNow, Dr. S. Morteza Najibi is the Chief Executive Officer and the REP department chairs are Dr. Farzaneh Safavimanesh, Dr. Rahim Mahmoudvand and Sayed Jamal Mirkakamali, respectively. 

  • Dr. Seyed Morteza Najibi

    Dr. Seyed Morteza Najibi

    Chief Executive Officer
    • Dr. Sayed Jamal Mirkamali

      Dr. Sayed Jamal Mirkamali

      Platform Department Chair
    • Dr. Rahim Mahmoudvand

      Dr. Rahim Mahmoudvand

      Education Department Chair
    • Dr. Rosa Aghdam

      Dr. Rosa Aghdam

      Member of Executive Committee
    • Azam Dehghani

      Azam Dehghani

      Member of Executive Committee

About Us

SDAT is an abbreviation for Scientific Data Analysis Team. It consists of groups who are specialists in various fields of data sciences including Statistical Analytics, Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics and Health Analytics. 

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