About SDAT

About SDAT

SDAT is an abbreviation of Scientific Data Analysis Team that is a collection of groups who are specialists in various fields of sciences including: 

  • Statistical Analytics
  • Business Analytics or Business Intelligence 
  • Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence
  • Health Analytics including Bioinformatics, Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences. 
The groups collaborate to solve data science problems that are considered by SDAT. It is SDAT’s intention to provide systematic data analysis capabilities to private and public organizations in order to enable them to optimize budgets, risk and operational processes for products and services.

SDAT History

The official activity of SDAT founders initiated in May 2006 with a blog called Danesh-e-Amari. Dr. Sayed Jamal Mirkamali, the first platform department chair, was one of the founders of this blog and Dr. Seyed Morteza Najibi, the first chief executive officer of SDAT, collaborated with him in publishing the statistical contents of the blog. The initial spark of SDAT, an extension of Danesh-e-Amari idea, was fired by a group of statisticians consisting of Dr. Seyed Morteza Najibi, Dr. Sayed Jamal Mirkamali, Dr. Farzaneh Safavimanesh, Dr. Rosa Aghdam,  Dr. Azam Dehgahni, Dr. Zahra Barzegar and  they introduced SDAT with different visions, missions, and values in areas connected to data sciences. 


About Us

SDAT is an abbreviation for Scientific Data Analysis Team. It consists of groups who are specialists in various fields of data sciences including Statistical Analytics, Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics and Health Analytics. 

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