R Extend Project

R Extend Project

The R Extend (<-R->) is a platform for training, using and developing R language. Our goal is to provide intuitive learning tools for sharing the experiences of modeling, programming, and interpreting results in R.

The R Extend team is a multidisciplinary group of researchers and software developers in Scientific Data Analysis Team (SDAT) trying to identify challenges in making high quality research analysis using R software.

The R Extend project consists of three main programs:

  • Training Program,
  • Application Program,
  • Development Program.

Training Program

The training program of R Extend focuses on holding workshops, preparing textbooks, manuscripts and sample codes, and broadcasting multimedia contents about different aspects of R programming.

Application Program

The application program of R Extend focuses on using R in applied areas of sciences and businesses. This program consists of building infrastructures to do heavy computations and prepare online reports using R.

Development Program

The development program of R Extend focuses on building new features for R to facilitate the analysis. This program consists of building new packages, optimizing and editing packages, preparing GUIs, and making multiplatform extensions for R.

R Extend Services

R User Bot

The R User Bot is a service in Telegram App that provides free learning resources such as Persian textbooks, videos and animations for beginners and intermediate users. It also provides searching tools and links to get the best information about R functions, packages and other resources. During the first 6 months, about 20,000 clicks were serviced by R User Bot for about 900 users.
R User Bot

Persian R User Group

This is a Persian user group for R software in Telegram App to share resources and experiences related to R programming. This group started in Aug. 2015 and more than 10,000 posts are sharing monthly between 2700 Persian R users.
Persian R User Group


07 September 2016


R Program

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SDAT is an abbreviation for Scientific Data Analysis Team. It consists of groups who are specialists in various fields of data sciences including Statistical Analytics, Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics and Health Analytics. 

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